4 Digital Transformation Initiatives for Better Strategies

Digital transformation strategies have been in motion for the last few years, but they have gained new momentum in the wake of the pandemic. Companies know that in order to meet any unexpected challenge and keep pace with competitors, they need technology that allows for agility and scales with growth. But without the right digital transformation strategies, any plan for better customer experiences, improved productivity, or streamlined collaboration can hit delays and obstacles.

Transformation is no longer optional, but the way in which you complete it offers a lot of ways to progress in your plans without letting go of goals around profitability and productivity. Here are four practical digital transformation initiatives that will keep you from lagging behind:

Build a Repeatable Process: At the beginning of your strategy, you can focus on smaller projects with relatively few challenges, developing set policies for how you approach each stage of implementing new technology. A playbook gives your business a way to structure priorities, address areas that have the potential to overwhelm your organization, and streamline possible obstacles in the process.

Champion Team Involvement: An important part of digital transformation is promoting the project and securing buy-in from all levels of the organization. This sometimes takes a full company culture change if your employees are not accustomed to pursuing digital solutions. In order to avoid rushing the process, include space in your project timelines for involving a wide variety of employees in the planning stages, and then make sure plenty of time is allocated for training.

Know When to Outsource: It’s exciting to consider your team tackling a complex project together, learning new skills, and meeting challenges, but they may not be adequately trained to move quickly and meet your goals. Outsourcing technology projects to the right experts can accelerate your timeline and improve your efficiency.

Outsourcing technology that is more complex allows your employees to gain knowledge from the experts you have tapped, equipping them for more projects in the future.

Consider Small Victories: One of the common pitfalls of digital transformation strategies is a commitment to do too much. This results in a long development period, followed by delays, with employees wondering why the strategy was ever pursued in the first place.

It’s a good idea to begin with a smaller project, one that delivers immediate, measurable benefits to your team. This will have a ripple effect, with employees and teams becoming more invested in cloud solutions. Take time to celebrate these small victories, highlighting the teams that contributed and the benefits to the organization.

Your digital transformation initiatives will create a clear path to reach your goals, but it’s important that these four items are among them. Every strategy runs into a few complexities and unexpected obstacles, but when you include One Connect as your guide, your timeline and your budget will stay on target. Contact us to get started.