4 Key DRaaS Benefits

The push to as-a-service solutions is expanding as enterprises recognize the cost savings and convenience of outsourcing certain aspects of IT. Disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) delivers some of the same benefits that other services do, while also contributing unique advantages. Take a look at four important DRaaS benefits:

Faster Recovery: In the event of a disaster, DRaaS delivers speed. Automation and better reliability mean you’ll see faster results than with a traditional disaster recovery approach. From data replication strategies to automation and orchestrated recovery, DRaaS is able to improve response times.

Reduced Costs: Any enterprise handling their own disaster recovery is going to face infrastructure and management costs. There’s generally a capital expense at the initial deployment in the form of hardware and software investments.

With DRaaS, the costs are reduced the same way they are with infrastructure as a service, platform as a service, or software as a service. The service is offered as a monthly subscription, so there’s no initial hardware investment or ongoing maintenance or upgrades.

Many backup companies are beginning to offer DRaaS for cloud storage services. Its cost-effectiveness makes it an attractive option when companies compare the monthly subscription cost to even a few hours of downtime in the event of a natural disaster.

Freeing up IT: From an administrative standpoint, the DRaaS benefits are an easy sell. IT professionals know the importance of DR, but it’s often difficult to get buy-in on the prioritization it deserves on the budget. By investing in DRaaS, resources can be redistributed and enterprises no longer debate about how much time and money should be dedicated to a comprehensive DR program.

In many cases, an outsourced DRaaS provider will offer a more comprehensive program than what the staff could create in-house. That doesn’t mean IT is completely off the hook. They still need to maintain the responsibility of monitoring and auditing their backups to ensure that they are complete.

Redundancy: One of the best DRaaS benefits is simply that there are no loose ends. The comprehensive approach ensures total redundancy and stores data in multiple geographic locations. DRaaS also offers routine validation testing, providing an additional assurance against natural disasters and cyber security threats.

As with any cloud solution, DRaaS is scalable to the current needs of the enterprise. If your organization experiences seasonality or is going through a period of growth, you easily adjust to fit your needs.

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