Business Communications Technology: Choosing Between UCaaS and CCaaS

The importance of business communications technology has never been more evident than this past year when in-person meetings and purchases became all but impossible. Enterprises confronted formidable obstacles when it came to internal communications as well as with customers. Cloud communications soon answered any lingering doubts about their usefulness and necessity.

There are two main cloud communications options that dominate conversations: unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS). UCaaS combines all communications formats into one application, while CCaaS integrates contact center functions with other key applications.

Both of these options are offered as a cloud-based system, and if you’re wondering which one is better, you may need a shift in how you’re considering your options. Each of the business communications technology solutions solves different issues and fulfills a different need.

The Key Difference Between UCaaS and CCaaS: Both technologies improve flexibility and scalability, introduce cost reductions, and bump up productivity, but they pursue these benefits through different means.

UCaaS organizes all communications tools into a single platform in the cloud. Generally, the solution includes voice and telephone, virtual meeting options, messaging, instant messaging, and communications-enabled applications. It is an ideal solution for improving employee communication and collaboration, which leads to streamlined decision-making and more effective project management.

CCaaS allows you to improve customer support through a subscription-based cloud solution. It uses centralized and organized software to track interactions. The solution is designed to make your contact center employees able to access information throughout a call more easily, providing them with the features they need to resolve customer issues on the first call.

CCaaS integrates with other key applications, allowing you to access your customer relationship management (CRM) data while on a call with a customer, for instance. CCaaS also routes customers to ensure they are talking to the ideal representative for solving their issue or answering their question for a better customer experience.

It’s Not UCaaS versus CCaaS: If you are looking for communications technology that allows for better communication and gives your customers a range of options for contacting you in the format they most prefer, UCaaS may help you meet your goals. When talking with a customer, your employee will be able to view their past interactions with your company and the format they were conducted in.

With CCaaS, you’ll be equipping your agents with time-saving, customer-satisfaction-boosting features integrated right into your business communications technology.

While these insights may help you determine which type of solution to prioritize, based on your current challenges and objectives, ultimately, the best plan would be to implement both and integrate them for the best employee and customer experiences. 

To learn more about the benefits of UCaaS and CCaaS and how features of these business communications technology options might impact your short- and long-term digital transformation objectives, contact us at One Connect.