Contact Center Technology: Choosing the Right Equipment for Improved Communications

There’s nothing like a positive human interaction to drive up customer service quality, but there are times when the consumer wants a quick, easy, and digitized method of interacting with a company. While voice-related solutions are still important, contact center technology should include a variety of platforms that address the demands of the customer, while also addressing your business needs.

The digital transformation is well underway for most companies, which means they are adopting new technologies and getting rid of their outdated legacy equipment. At contact centers, some of the hardware and software purchased less than a decade ago fit into the “outdated” definition. Whether it’s customer relationship management solutions or communications hardware, taking stock of what you have and how it can be improved will benefit your bottom line.

The problem is that just because it’s new doesn’t mean it’s going to integrate well with existing infrastructure, and in some cases, the solution might be a bad fit overall. Working with a trusted professional that knows about today’s contact center technology and which solutions will fit your needs is a good way to avoid the trial and error process, which is costly and time consuming.

Collecting the Right Tools

Quality contact centers take the customer experience (CX) platform route, meaning they have a collection of tools they rely on, all working in concert, to deliver the best possible customer experience. If you’re a small business taking on a digital transformation, don’t think it’s only the big companies that adopt a CX platform – in order to compete, hit goals, and grow, organizations need such things as artificial intelligence, workforce management software, reporting tools, and much more.

Contact centers are upgrading their traditional voice technology by working with a third party that provides toll free services, conferencing, session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking, voice over internet protocol (VoIP), and other solutions for improved communication. They’re bringing in call monitoring solutions for training purposes and call routing solutions for more efficient handling of calls – something consumers really appreciate.

Working With a Trusted Agent

To establish a robust infrastructure of modern contact center technology, choose an agent committed to building trusted partnerships. They should possess the knowhow and expertise to optimize technology investments to support growth and stay on pace with changing needs, because no company, large or small, is going to be successful when they are stagnant.

That’s what we offer at One Connect: expertise that puts the right technology in your hands. We’re client-focused, which means we can help design the right solution, negotiate contracts, and manage the delivery of your new contact center technology. More than 80% of small businesses have begun the digital transformation, and we’ve helped many navigate these complex waters. Let us do the same for you. Contact us today, and let’s discuss your unique needs.