Cyber Security Best Practices for Any Business

Companies of all sizes are utilizing big data to their benefit. Unfortunately, hackers are doing the same. Cyber security protocols need to reflect this movement toward the more sophisticated approach that cyber criminals are taking.

It’s difficult to find a business that doesn’t have some form of online component to it, and due to the fact that it is easy to set it up, it can be just as easy to side-step cyber security components that need to be accounted for.

To fully protect your data, you need to consider tools or solutions that help you avoid phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and other cyber risks that victimize businesses on a daily basis.

Scanning for Vulnerabilities

A big name today in the development of online stores is WooCommerce, which is an open-source e-commerce plugin for WordPress. It’s designed for small to large online merchants and has been quite popular for just shy of a decade. If you built your WooCommerce store using WordPress CMS, you have some security tools at your disposal, including a security scanner, which will check your content management system (CMS) for issues like password, plugins, leftover files, and themes from previous WordPress versions.

Password Hygiene

While face recognition technology is becoming popular as a means of getting into your technological devices and applications, passwords will always be in use. Company policy should dictate proper password hygiene and accountability. While it’s not fun to do, changing passwords regularly is recommended.

Multi-factor authentication should also be used. This adds another layer of protection when using passwords to gain access to applications or hardware. Two-factor authentication or third-party authenticators and two-step verification or two-step authentication will all suffice in keeping your data safer.

Out With the Old

Given how fast technology evolves, your hardware quickly becomes obsolete. And while a majority of cyber security breaches occur online, some of the data is stolen off of drives. All drives should be wiped and degaussed. Degaussing actually demagnetizes the drive, which means it is unusable.

Update Security Software

It’s easy to keep pushing off the alerts you get about updates to your system software. The longer you do it, the easier it will be for cyber criminals to weasel their way into your network. This is another cyber security best practice to which all users need to be held accountable. Given the fact that many breaches occur via an authorized user, shoring up this weak point can be as easy as educating them on threats and risks and having them update their security software the moment it becomes available.

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