Develop an Edge Security Strategy That Protects Your Data

Edge computing gives organizations the ability to process and store data in more efficient ways than ever, but edge security is something that has to be taken seriously. Moving data from sources to the edge platform can be risky, which means a security strategy must be developed to prevent any mishaps.

In most edge computing scenarios, a sensor and tester network are involved in the transfer of data, and it is here that most of the security risk lies. Following global standards regarding edge security is the best way to lessen the risks, but because edge platforms reside in remote locations, it’s easy for IT personnel to become lax in regard to security discipline and thus open themselves up to more risk.

Where to Look for Vulnerabilities

The better access you have to your data, the faster you can navigate daily tasks, which increases productivity. Therefore, there must be a multitude of connections from the workplace to the data center or cloud service provider. Unfortunately, cyber criminals lurk in this space, creating manipulative ways in which they can weasel in on your data.

To shore up these vulnerabilities, it’s recommended that organizations take stock in every device that has access to the network. Each of these devices, particularly those tied to the internet of things (IoT), represents a possible entry point for cyber criminals.

Without a staff of knowledgeable IT personnel with appropriate monitoring technology capable of managing the devices and the network, data can easily become compromised.

Placing Protections

The best time to address edge security concerns is upon implementation of edge computing solutions. You’re basically making edge computing a piece of the security strategy puzzle, so every edge node deserves an adequate amount of visibility, security, and redundancy.

Also, establishing a baseline of what the normal flow of communication is on your network will help you and your monitoring technology to spot suspicious activity and give you the opportunity to react quickly before it becomes a larger threat.

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