Five Ways to Cut Costs With a Cloud Migration

The pandemic has accelerated an already-increasing migration to the cloud. Even if there were no productivity improvements or user experience benefits, the ability to cut costs with cloud migration would be reason enough to prioritize digital transformation.

Companies that were already utilizing cloud solutions were able to easily pivot in 2020 to a work-from-home model of business, but even if your business was able to hobble through recent months with on-premise technology, you may be seeing the inevitable nature of cloud migration. Even many of the companies that are calling workers back to the office are doing so in a hybrid work model, with a mix of days between on-site and remote.

If your company has never adopted any cloud strategies, your executives may have some hesitation around taking this step. There are five areas in which you can cut costs with cloud solutions that may offer the motivation you need to prioritize this step:

Initial Investment: When you utilize a cloud solution, there is no big capital investment because you pay for it in a monthly subscription. Your finance team will appreciate that these payments can be categorized as operating expenses, because there’s no hardware or software investment to purchase. The pay-as-you-go model allows you to access the applications in the cloud and the hardware and software belong to the provider.

Maintenance: Give your IT team a much-needed shift from troubleshooting and updates to vision-casting and strategy planning with executives. Freed up from the headaches of hardware and software maintenance, your IT team will have more time to think about how to use technology to achieve broader business goals.

Consistent Work Experiences: Create what is essentially a virtual office for your employees. Whether they are working from home, the office, or somewhere in between, cloud migration offers them a consistent work-from-anywhere access to company resources. You also have the freedom to recruit talent from around the world and eliminate travel costs associated with in-person meetings.

Streamline Decision-Making: Not only are you equipped through cloud technology to offer employees video conferencing in place of in-person meetings, but you can also provide them with shared workspaces, availability status indicators, and other tools that allow teams to efficiently move projects forward.

Better Cyber Security: Security breaches are a growing threat, and malicious actors have been more active than ever during the pandemic. They saw an opportunity to take advantage of gaps in security policy when workers began logging in from home through unsecured pathways. When you invest in cloud migration and use virtualized networking technology to allow secure access to company assets, you can eliminate some of the risk. Rather than using a piecemeal security approach involving multiple tools, cut costs with cloud security solutions that encrypt data in transit, utilize ongoing monitoring and threat detection, and use multi-factor authentication to allow users access to company networks.

To learn more about how your company can cut costs with cloud migration, contact us at One Connect. You may be able to significantly cut costs while improving performance, productivity, and the overall user experience.