Four Industries to Watch for Artificial Intelligence Innovation

The almost-universal initial reaction to artificial intelligence is fear. Across every industry, people have to fight through the thought of, “could a robot do my job?” to get to a place where they can see the incredible possibilities.

When you consider early wins in artificial intelligence, an easy example is customer service agents who are relieved of the mundane, repetitious calls about order status or pricing and can instead perform more satisfactory and complex tasks for customers with complicated issues.

Take a look at four industries where artificial intelligence will offer benefits to consumers and front-line employees:

Talent Management: When corporations use artificial intelligence for hiring and employee development, they can more effectively choose the right candidate based on objective, data-based information, adding more insight to the interview process. They can also use career development tracking solutions to help employees stay on track with goals and predict what skills will be needed to future-proof the staff. Innovations in talent management will help to add consistency in what is often considered a difficult aspect of management to consistently prioritize.

Insurance: When a consumer chooses life insurance, the array of options can be a bit overwhelming, leading them to make a decision based on the agent’s recommendation. That recommendation may be influenced by the benefits the agent or the company receives, and may not be the best option for the customer. Artificial intelligence will make it easier to take advantage of vast amounts of data related to life insurance to recommend the right product.

Home Appliances: Consumers may soon enjoy benefits that make prioritizing nutrition an easy task. From suggesting recipes based on what is on hand in the refrigerator to automatically ordering milk or eggs when the inventory is low, smart home appliances can even streamline cooking and other food prep. Consumers’ increasing comfort with voice assistant technology is paving the way for artificial intelligence that makes cooking at home easier.

Healthcare: Patients are currently seeing advances in artificial intelligence in this area, with benefits only to continue. As healthcare data becomes more integrated, patient treatment plans and outcomes will improve, while patients are empowered with more information and insight about how to manage their health. Artificial intelligence will also improve efficiency in patient scheduling, hospital practices, and treatment as more data will inform the analysis of best practices.

Artificial intelligence is making strides across these four industries to provide tangible benefits to the consumer. For more information about solutions that can help you better serve your customers through innovation no matter what industry you’re in, contact us at One Connect.