Making the Digital Transformation Easier

Struggling to keep up with the constant evolution of technology? Count yourself among the many who share the struggle of digital transformation. But is it really about the technology?

In many ways, digital transformation is as much about catering to what people need as it is about the actual technology. Instead of feeling overwhelmed about all the new gadgetry coming out  — from artificial intelligence to virtual reality and robots — thinking about what you actually need to help your employees improve your business processes can help you cut through the clutter.

Build Anew

It’s a mistake to take old ways of doing things and implement them with your digital transformation, yet many organizations will patch over the old stuff and try to make it work with the new. While this is certainly possible with hardware, it’s not a great idea when it comes to restructuring to a new business process.

Instead, look to your business expectations, where you want your business model to go, and see what technology fits that model. If the idea is to mix it up with new experiences, take a fresh approach that considers a variety of elements. For example, what’s relevant to your employees, and what’s relevant to your customers?

Don’t Get Fragmented

It might be tough to follow through on this, but when you approach digital transformation, don’t get fragmented. This happens when you utilize multiple methods that all do the same thing. With too many choices comes confusion.

Get input from your staff about what method is most efficient, and stick with that instead of branching out to multiple options.

Address the Challenges

One of the biggest challenges facing organizations that are going through a digital transformation is the workforce’s reluctance to embrace change.

It’s basically human nature to resist change, but it’s not something that makes rolling out digital transformation very successful. Taking a measured approach, and educating employees can help curb some of the resistance.

One method of working through a digital transformation successfully is to partner with the right agent. At One Connect, we’ve helped many organizations with their transformations by connecting them with high-performance solutions and superior services that boost their bottom lines. Furthermore, the return on investment is strong as our service can cut costs by up to 25%. Contact us, and let’s talk about your evolution.