Using the Right Contact Center Technology

Professional, knowledgeable, and reliable agents facilitate a valuable customer experience, but without the right contact center technology on their side, quality outcomes are far less likely. Technologies are beginning to converge at a rapid rate, so staying current on the best modes through which customer experience experts can excel is at the top of the to-do list.

Modern contact centers are supported by a variety of technologies, most of which are focused on providing a more positive experience with valued customers. These contact center technology solutions are also helping to reduce costs. Automatic call distributor systems, intelligent call routing, email solutions, and interactive voice response systems only scratch the surface.

Top-rated contact centers are implementing intelligent call back, universal queuing, predictive dialer, and voice biometrics, among others in an effort to handle the volumes of calls that have been inundating contact centers since the pandemic took hold. The challenge is making sure all the contact center technology integrates.

The Omnichannel Center

Most quality contact centers thrive with an omnichannel approach, but as new pressures have been placed upon the shoulders of contact centers, the technology has had to shift to new integration patterns. To align your needs with the right technology, the preferred route to take is to work with a third party that focuses solely on technologies related to communication and contact centers’ various other needs.

Strategic Thinking

Rather than throw a ton of money at new technology, thinking strategically can help inform your transformation. How do your customers prefer to connect with you? Are you seeing an increase in email correspondence? Put solutions related to email on your technology checklist. Do you have multiple agents working remotely? There is technology that will cater to them.

Utilizing analytics can also provide insights that impact your entire operation and should definitely be part of your strategy moving forward.

Work With a Communications Expert

It’s difficult to have total confidence in the contact center technology you adopt, especially if you’re taking a trial-and-error approach – which can be costly and lead to inferior customer satisfaction scores. A third party professional can align you with the solutions that fit your budget and workflow.

At One Connect, one of our specialties is assisting clients in choosing communications solutions. We work directly with telecom providers to give clients the voice solutions that match their unique needs and save them money at the same time.

With our dedicated team of industry experts, we get involved at the pre-sales support level and all the way through provisioning. This adds assurances to the process and guarantees a seamless process. Contact us and find out more about how we’ll help you identify the technology that caters to your needs.